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macs Software honored with motivation prize 2021

The Robin academy honors special companies ...

In a festive ceremony, the Robin Academy honored Volker Faulhaber and Michael Joos, as Managing Director of macs Software GmbH

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macs Gebäude_Garten

macs 22-Absolute Recommendation

This latest software version is available since the beginning of 2022. So it's time to ask René Scherer, consulting manager, as to how it is perceived by the customers. Read what has come out of it.

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Consistently Positive Feedback

Gelita AG takes macs Finance on a world tour

Gerd Eiermann, Head of Global Cost Accounting at Gelita AG, and his team have been working with macs controlling software since 2007. At that time the macs solution already included a module that had similar functionality to macs Finance today. However, structures provided were no longer meeting current requirements of integrated corporate management for a group of companies with plants all over the world. That is why macs Finance in its current form was developed.


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ILS Gebäude

Digital bridge strike

As of autumn, the ILS, Germany's largest remote school based in Hamburg, will start its cooperation with macs Software GmbH from rooms. For the long distance students of the part-time courses to the controller with examination at the IHK, it is therefore possible for the first time to apply the learned knowledge in a practical way in a software and to get to know the effects of digitalization in controlling up close.

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macs AI

AI Cooperation with Rothaus

Artificial Intelligence (AI) not only is present in IT's everyday life, but also in FP&A of static components.

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